Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi friends ,

First of all I want to apoligize for my English, I make alot of mistakes.
Anyway , I try to sell the items in my shop , like the lovely painting`s for children
I made.
I added photos of my home made jewelry, today i will add photos of my other art ... suprise .
My wish is to sell my paintings ... Also I would like to create a new serie of children paintings.
Hopefully it will be a succes and I surely will give it a try.
When I was young I experimented with different sorts of art , for example ....dolls from fabric & ceramic (art).
My mom always told me to believe in myself and do what I love in my life .
So I did , I never gave up , art is my passion and it will always be .
If you have a passion, follow it just like I did.

So don't sweat it;-)


  1. Hi Naomi ! Down to Earth Anne from Etsy!

    Your bracelets are pretty but paintings are gorgeous!

  2. Your English sounds just fine. I give the same 'mom' advice to my own daughters and to my high school students. Choose a career that you love to when you wake up in the morning, you are excited to get up...not hitting the snooze and dreading to get up! Take care, Natalie

  3. I am happy I found you... great blog
    love and light