Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Here I am going to write about my art, passion and work as an artist.
Except for being a painter I work as a graphical designer. I make digital albums (weddings, bar mitswa's ;-) ), renew old pictures, and fix damaged pictures etc. etc. Also I make illustrations with photoshop for examples click on the link of the slideshow on this blog.
In the future I'm going to write more and share my thoughts and idea's about art.
Don't forget to visit my shop and come back soon!

Farmville Guide
Cafe World Book
Mafia World Guide
Amerikaanse TV


  1. Dear Naomi,
    I really like your blog and shop! (I didn't tell you that I also blog at blogspot.;) ) Renewing old pictures sounds like an expertise. I notice that you use many different techniques in your work. I also like the avatars you have on your shop.

  2. Its going to be better and better. Thanks for posting my easteregg postcard.
    The tags you disignet for me are realy beatyful.
    Love theme.