Sunday, March 29, 2009

Announcement for the give away winner !

Hi :)
like I said today im going announcement lucky one that one .
I really hoping u enjoy this give away and soon im going to add somthing new
That not ont ...3 can win!
so just follow more and look when it can be :)

So For the winner !

Odlia you won !!! Post number 13 :)
I will send to ur home this lovely wallet:)
Hope you will enjoy it.

And for everyone come back soon , 3 people going to win soon! on my next competition.
Thank you everyone that you come and try to won.



  1. Hi Naomi! Just thought I'd say hi outside of Etsy chat ;)
    I added you to my list of friends!


  2. Hi Naomi,

    Your blog is so heart warming...cheerful...pretty...and you clearly are very talented.

    Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring me.

    Talk later and keep up the great work.