Friday, July 31, 2009


100 Followers !!!! YAY ....
Today my blog reached 100 followers and this make me happy !

I'm really happy that people like my blog and that all of you invite other people to come and follow my blog :)

Thank you so much !!!!


Far away

Well I didn't post these last days because my mom is in the hospital, so I didn't had time. I had to travel a lot to go see her.

We're all the time talking about art and craft but... we never talk about were it's coming from and from were we got it .

I got it from my dear mom :)

Not the ability to make paint (this comes from my dad ) , I grew up in house that was a really happy place , always we used to have family time doing all kinds of craft, and what I mean by that ? well mom was really talented sewer and she showed how much fun it is.
My mom teached me how to knit , and sew ...and so much more .
I really loved it .... so I really hope that she will be better and will back home soon. So than she can continue to teach me more , my bf's mom always told me that " its never late to learn" she was right by this.
I know we need to thank all the moms in them world and let them know every day
how important they are to us !

Tommorow I will try to post something for the craft fans :)
with love ♥

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Story about a talented pattern designer :)

"An adorable donkey was born on 21 July 2009 , early in the morning, when the children of the house were still dancing in their dreamy clouds.

The donkey is Inbaliya's unique design, it's a Donkey playing toy, Waldorf style. It is so cute that every one who looks at it wants to cuddle and care for it. " These are the words of Inbal the designer that made this sweet donkey on request for me .

Before couple of days I got an invitation to create some donkey's dolls for a "donkey day" in the USA.

I tried to look for a pattern on the internet.
But I didn't find anything , so I didn't know what to do ...then I thought ..wait!
I know that my dear friend Inbal makes patterns , so I asked her and in one night it was ready.
And not only the pattern ...she made this cute doll

I wanted to tell my story and recommend her !!! If you have an idea to make a doll
but you don't know how , you can count on inbal to create for you whatever you want .
Go to her shop and see how talented she is .

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Thank you

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you want to learn how to sew cute bear ??
Its could be great if you could do this by yourself right?
well i was wondering about this so I decided to look for good
tutorial that will show me how to make them .
So I find this site In this site you can find also free pattern
for this bear .

So I hope you will find this tutorial lot of use .
and that you will find more great more info .

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Monday, July 20, 2009

A great blog that I found!!!

Hi I wanted to share with you website that I really like .
His name :
In this site you can find great article how to design and create your on house and how to renew items in your house that you don't using anymore .

You can find there great pattern to make dolls like this cute bunny's and nice bags .
I recommends this great blog for all the crafter and designers .

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby shop

Soon I'm going to open a new online baby shop that will include baby items until toddler age.
I discovered that it makes me happy to create baby toys and after a long time that I was thinking about it I decided to go for it.

I was looking for some ideas on the net to see what I can create and I found this cute tutorial that shows how to make bibs

Published on the great blog: nested

A really cool blog where you can find so many great tutorials like the above.

I hope you will like it as much as I did .

*All the credit for this tutorial belongs to "nested".

I hope to soon add more tutorials that will help you :)
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