Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you want to learn how to sew cute bear ??
Its could be great if you could do this by yourself right?
well i was wondering about this so I decided to look for good
tutorial that will show me how to make them .
So I find this site In this site you can find also free pattern
for this bear .

So I hope you will find this tutorial lot of use .
and that you will find more great more info .

Please comment that I will know that you love this post and I will Post more In the further .



  1. that bear is lots of fun, and it looks pretty easy too! how nice of you to share that tutorial with us!

  2. just got here from Etsy and funny thing I already knew your blog from before, gee the world is small, so thanks for following me,cause I added my blogs on Etsy , on the thread.

  3. Im happy you like this post! tomorrow I will post more other places that you can find free pattern
    but I need to see more posts here and comments :)