Friday, July 31, 2009

Far away

Well I didn't post these last days because my mom is in the hospital, so I didn't had time. I had to travel a lot to go see her.

We're all the time talking about art and craft but... we never talk about were it's coming from and from were we got it .

I got it from my dear mom :)

Not the ability to make paint (this comes from my dad ) , I grew up in house that was a really happy place , always we used to have family time doing all kinds of craft, and what I mean by that ? well mom was really talented sewer and she showed how much fun it is.
My mom teached me how to knit , and sew ...and so much more .
I really loved it .... so I really hope that she will be better and will back home soon. So than she can continue to teach me more , my bf's mom always told me that " its never late to learn" she was right by this.
I know we need to thank all the moms in them world and let them know every day
how important they are to us !

Tommorow I will try to post something for the craft fans :)
with love ♥

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