Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nice basket for you?

A few days ago I received an order for a baby party.
So I've put together some handmade products I made for baby's and made a gift basket.

The basket contained to following items:
* 2 stuffed dogs with bell
* a couple of hair clips for the little sister
* A cube made with fabric with a bell
* baby towel
* cute little bib
and some extra surprises :)

So I took some photos of this basket which I wanted to share.
It turned out so cute and it's great as a gift for for birthday's and party's. I I've decorated the basket with some ribbons and it turned out lovely.
I've added some photos to show you how it looks, It will make happy to get some comments.

All the butterfly's in the basket are hair clips :)



  1. Hello, just leaving you a comment as I've so enjoyed looking around your site and reading your lovely posts. Great pictures too !

    Thank so much for sharing them and I hope you have a fab weekend (well, the rest of it anyway...)!

    Best wishes to you

  2. What a pretty basket! It looks exciting to look through!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely comments .

  4. Great idea for a baby gift. Nice blog.

  5. what a lovely idea for a basket - such a beautiful butterfly too!