Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lunch bag .... :-)

A couple of days ago my sister in law told me that my dear nephew Eyal has to go to school for the first time, he is 6 years old.
She asked me if I can make for him lunch bag to put his food inside , off course I said yes!!!
So I was thinking to myself ...what does he love most? The answer is " dinosaurs ": he know all there names and kinds ...and he is only 6 !! wow !
So I designed something for him that will be fun and easy to put inside of the school bag .
I made it with the following materials:

* 2 colors of felt (I picked green and light green ) size 7.7" * 11.6" inch like A4
* crazy eyes
* small nylon size 5" * 3" inch (for the photo in the back)
* small cute buttons in the same color to match it to the felt .
* fabric paint

Please comment! If you want check the tutorial :-D
I posted some photos and I would like to hear your opinion.

So?? you want a guide ? lol
Waiting for your comments


  1. Aww, cute dino purse! I'm in love with felt, too! Actually, I've got a new felty project, just posted today:

  2. Hello!

    THat is a great idea!

    And what is it these days with kids and dino's?! My nephew knows them all too... scary.
    And they're the next generation of scientists! Oh dearie...
    Before you know it, they'll bring them back to life ;O)

    Anyway, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet message!


    PS. No, I'm actually Belgian (Flemish), but I'm living in a tiny Italian village with my not so tiny Italian sweetheart...

  3. My six year old daughter loves dinos too! Very cute blog - I love everything about it.