Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Holidays Christmas Stamps from

Happy Holidays Christmas Stamps from

My SHop Is Ready For X-mas :D

I Invite every one to come and visit and get ready for The holidays ,
You will find there : Postage Stamps , Invites , Stickers , Posters And much more

Dont miss :

See my store at Zazzle

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloweens Stamps from

In 8 Days from today Its going to be Halloween Night

Im sure Everyone is getting ready and send cards and post cards
and try to find gifts , I would Like to Invite you all
to My zazzle shop to take a look and get ready for your scary night :)

Have A great Halloween


Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Graphics shop at ETSY !!!

Hi :D Good morning

well i was kind of busy lately with my other shop ,
in Jan I open new place for my graphics designing I call this place " Graphics 4 you " catchy no?
So i didnt do anything with it until the start of may , when i start to work and make new items and banners and add it to my shop , slowly by slowly the shop start to get shape and the sales start to run , Now I working on new desinges and more projects make me happy beacuse i do somthing i love and its seems the people love it and it makes me feel really good , so every work i get i do it with all of my passion and heart .

Im specialized in :

* Logos
* Banners
* illustration
* Photo retouching
* Brochures
* Page & Book Design
* Pro video Presentations
* Banner Ads

And More ...

So I really would like to invite all of you to come and check my new place
to go to the  shop  Click on the mini etsy next to the post ,  or here on this link : "GRAPHICS4YOU SHOP"

I hope to see you there and if you have any  questions please don't be hesitate to send me MSG here or vie email : 
And I Would like to visit at My Facebook Group 

Have Great weekend

Monday, May 10, 2010

Featured seller Of this week IS.. Inbal Weisman

This is what Inbal Would like to tell about her self :

I am Inbal, a crafter and a mother.
I a Waldorf educator of my
two children (7, 4.5) and believe that children should play with
natural, hand made dolls and toys. Fairies and gnomes are part of the
early childhood world, and playing with them is healthy for the child.

My items are great for mothers who want to give a special present of
love to their children, and for grandmothers that appreciate hand made
toys as much as they appreciate their grandchildren.
A special
offer for this week-
buy 3 items and get the 4th free!
cheapest from them will be free, I will refund you with pay pal)



Inbal is really telnted seller and she making amazing things 

I invite everyone to come and visit her both shops

1.oowl shop

2. inbaliy


,and  dont forget to heart and buy what you like ;-)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Invitation to open craft group at Facebook

I would like to invite you to open group that called : Craft Spot this group is for all people that love craft and would like to show off with there works , and there can post anything there want and made even Make promo,ideas,share works,anything.....even cool tutorials Come and join and lets spread the love of the craft to the world share love link :)

See ya there :) Naomi.k

Sunday, April 11, 2010

for a Long time I didn't posted here and I made so many new things but didn't had time to post them here , I had really BAD time this 6 months...
my dear mom passed away and I its been really hard for me , its already 4 mount that she is not here with us all this time I really didn't want to make new items and new things ...only one day About mount ago I decided that my mom loved to sew and make new things and this is what she will want me to do ..she teach me everything I know ...and I think it will make her proud that im going in her way :D
I really love to sew and make new things and its good to see the people smile when They see my creation .

SO I opened a shop and named it "MIEPIE DOLLS" so I started to make some new items and worked day and night , and everyday I make something new and fresh .
I can post here some photos but I will not because its a lot !! LOL
so i will just add a link here to my Flickr and you can see what I created.
you know what ? Maybe only one tow photos its ok ....hihi but you can find all of items there and in my Etsy Shop

You can post comments on my Flickr or here :D
If you ever want to visit me on my shop you more then welcome
you will find the Etsy bar next to my post :D

I hoping to post here more and more :D
Big kiss