Friday, February 3, 2012

My New creations :-)

Hi , I know that lot of times i say that I will be back to post more , but with my study and everything else i don't find so much time to do so , but I do try to give quality time to my sewing machine and she love it ;-) .

so i wanted to share with all of you with my latest works and I hope that you will find it nice , by the way I forget to say that i`m working on a nice project at the moment and when i will finish to plan it and make it you will be one of the first to know about it :D ,I can only say and give one clue...its about fabrics !!
One of my biggest love is to sew  ( and my boyfriend of course) , so I think that its really important to give some time to your creativity let out and its also my own private time and I find it really good for the soul ♥

So done with talking and now to action ;-)

p.s : Next post it will be on list of great tutorials that I would like to share , so it will be update!!!

Yes Yes I know ... you got tired ?Hope you had some nice time by looking :-D
big kiss from The Netherlands


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