Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creative day with my oldies :)

One time a week I volunteer in a retirement community, for the elderly we organize creativity time.  Usually they paint, knit, sew, and stitch. A little while ago my manger asked me to arrange a workshop for the residents inspired by Easter, So I thought good about all kind of different things that can be easy and fun for them to make.I came up with something that I thought would be perfect for them.
A couple of times a year we have a small market where the residents sell things that they made during creative time, the money goes to the community. It’s a really cute market that includes games, music, food and cute stands with goods. So the thing that we were going to make was meant to be sold on that market :).
So we ended up making cute jars with nice ribbons, buttons and flower decorations. Very sweet for spring time :-). The day of the workshop I started with a clear explanation of how we’re going to make it and I was really happy when I saw a lot enthusiasm from the women, they started with one jar and slowly started to get better and better at it. It made me really happy when I saw that they liked it. For me it was really important because it was my first workshop with them. To see them there siting and smiling while working on my idea made me feel good. I’d like to share some photos of this day and the cute jars we made for the market, when we finished them we added some chocolate eggs inside, ammm.....Yammi !!!

Hope you like it :) xoxoxox


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