Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is a kind of day that makes me don't like do anything,
Just to be lazy , I made only one Bird Ornament (of the bird series I started with).

Teh birds are really cute and they are great for decoration for in-house or garden .
I find it really relaxing to make hand sewing , just sitting, without thinking,
and just start hand sewing .. for me it is very nice way to do something I really love

And the best thing is when other people like what you are doing, for example yesterday i posted 3 birds in my shop and after 30 minutes I already sold one of them. It really makes me feel good, I'm sure that alot of people that create art and crafting feel the same.

Anyway I really want to share my new birds with scent , soon they are going to listed in my shop. It will be great as decor and to provide a great atmosphere in the house or any place for that matter.

Ok so what do think on my birds??? if someone wants a specialpattern please let me know .
I will post it .

If you want to see more of them, you can come and visit my etsy shop :)

I hope to hear comments on my new work ,
Thank you and have great day

1 comment:

  1. "I find it really relaxing to make hand Sewing , Just sitting, without thinking" we are so enjoy that!!!!hahahaaa......